Monday, April 19, 2010


   Our vacation has been extended for the rest of the week; the earliest flight we could get was Saturday.  So now we have to do some planning. Meanwhile, La Bonne Auberge, where we stayed last night, had a cancellation, so we're here one more night.  Below is a view from our window, plus a photo of a nearby chateau and a resident cat.  This town and the nearby towns are not overly attractive, but at least the Auberge is charming, there is an excellent bakery and cheese shop across the street, and there is an abbaye not too far where cheese is produced, so we're planning a trip there.  The Jura photos will follow when I can get them organized.


  1. That must be awful being stuck in France like that. Now I know why some people still pray to the Volcano God!

  2. Well, if Paris is where good Americans go when they die, perhaps this is just fate's way of helping you with some reconnaissance for the afterlife. We are confident that you and Ann will make the best of it ;-)