Monday, May 8, 2017

Finishing up in Cremieu

Saturday morning. after getting the gite in order and feeding the cat, we left Nyons and headed off to our final stop, Cremieu, where we would spend our last night.  Cremieu is in the Isere department, near where we started  our trip. We knew nothing about Cremieu, but picked it because it was a short drive to the Lyon airport, where we would be flying home from on Sunday morning.  Cremieu turned out to be fantastic, and the hotel we stayed at, Auberge de la Chaite, was excellent, and had an outstanding restaurant.

The drive to Cremieu was tiring, mostly because it rained heavily most of the way.  It was still raining when we arrived in Cremieu, but that didn't keep us from strolling around the central part of town, although it did restrict my picture taking.  The town was absolutely spectacular, with an amazing number of medieval buildings, and I eventually did manage to take a few photos (see below).  We also stopped into a bar frequented by locals, where we had a couple of glasses of sparkling Bugey, and we discovered a great brewpup in a building that was once part of an Urseline convent. We eventually walked back to our hotel for dinner. The hotel had a beautiful dining room, and the dinner was outstanding. They also had an excellent wine list, which gave us one more chance to have some Savoie wines. We wound up ordering two wines from indigenous Savoie grapes; a red Mondeuse and a white Altesse, both from Domaine Ravier in Apremont.  The next morning we left early for our flight, and made the long and tiring trip home, where I’m writing from now.

Town Hall

Hotel Restaurant Dining Room


  1. Thanks Bob. Sorry we didn't get to see you two this time. You really made me want to go back to the Drôme provençale and that whole area. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  2. Welcome home guys. Don

  3. Bob-- I've totally enjoyed your blog--sometimes only had time to look at wonderful pics and then gone back later to read what you wrote. Great style of writing and your pics tell so much. Take me way beyond a mere travelogue. Thanks--total enjoyment-- Steve O.

  4. Sigh. So sorry to have another vicarious journey with Ann and Bob come to an end, but thank you so much for taking us along with you. 'Til next time!