Thursday, March 14, 2013

Appellation Spring in France

  Here we are in France, having flown into Paris and then taken a train to Bordeaux. While it's chilly in Bordeaux today, at least there's no snow, unlike Paris, which got quite a bit earlier in the week.  No photos yet, as we just arrived, so this will be a short post.
     Although we're beginning and ending our 5 1/2 week trip in areas well-known for their wines -- Bordeaux and Burgundy -- in between we'll be exploring some of the more unusual and unknown French wine appellations, such as Irouleguy, Jurancon, Coteaux d'Ancenis, Cote Roannaise, and Bugey.  So I've nicknamed this trip "Appellation Spring," with apologies to Aaron Copeland:
Appalachian Spring:


  1. Have fun, Bob. So many wines... Snowing off and on here in Touraine. I leave for two weeks in the Carolinas on April 1st.

  2. Hi, Bob. So nice to see your post. I'm looking forward to another vicarious trip to France for feasting and tasting with you and Ann. Although puns always make me groan, this was a good one. Santé!

  3. Bob:
    I'm the guy who also will be staying in Tannay (in June). Thanks again for sending me the link to your blog. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures & the must-see places you stumble upon. Safe & pleasant travels.